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pink bag proj.

fringe arts bath festival, 2023

pink bag proj. showcased responses made by artists and non-artists that could prompt us to think more about the bigger ideas about ‘stuff’ and explore this through interactive artworks and activities for all ages. 

There is so much beauty, potential, and innovative engineering in the stuff that surrounds us.

pink bag proj. is a creative art-lab and interactive mini-museum that delves into the potential of these objects, the value of the things that as a society we are overlooking, and the stuff that we are dismissing.

What do these objects mean to us? Why do we overlook them? Can we, through art, alter our perception of their value? And as such change collective thinking...?

Through experimentation, exploration, play, documentation and simply noticing a disposable pink coffee bag we can begin to understand the inherent value and wonder that this overlooked packaging has.

pink bag proj. was co-curated by Beth Archard and Katie Hanning and exhibited at Fringe Arts Bath Festival, 2023.

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