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well bad good, 2023

In the installation, well bad good, 2023 the viewer experiences a multi-sensory approximated environment that holds a smattering of nostalgic clues about the analogue/digital diaspora. The viewer is invited to be a detective, with sound, light and smell to guide you around the space, discovering my nuanced references whilst also finding their own.


Underpinning all my creative processes is a contemporary sustainability based around object and thing-theories, my curiosity in the potential of the ‘stuff’ that surrounds us and a strange beautification of the leftovers of consumer culture through a prolific multidisciplinary art practice using found, unloved, and post-consumer objects. I believe an object-triggered creative nostalgia can be used as a tool to deal with our sense of free-fall and impending doom in respect to our futures and in this respect I aim to share joy.

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